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AVI Black Seed Oil 90 Softgel 1000 mg


Black Seed Oil Softgel
Natural Protection ongoing for Centuries

It contains black seed oil obtained by means of cold pressing method. Black seed oil is produced in 90 pieces of softgel capsules as a food supplement.

- Black seed oil has antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects.
- It has been reported that the active ingredient of black seed (Nigella Sativa), namely
thymoquinone shows antibacterial effects against some types of bacteria.
- It can help preventing the formation of cancer cells by its anticancer efficacy.
- It is supportive in cases of headache, infection, and hypertension.
- It is a serious supplement for our overall health, and it helps to increase the number of cells that support the immune system.
- It supports the adjustment of insulin levels.
- It plays a supportive role in the treatment of stomach disorders.

Usage: For adults over 11 years of age, 1 soft capsule should be taken twice daily.
Warning: People who would like to use it as a food supplement should definitely consult with their doctor in case they have any diseases. Pregnant women should not use this product.

Product Code:   M02349

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