Aksu Vital Natural Products and Cosmetics

Welcome To Our Company!

Our company, Aksu Vital Natural Products and Cosmetics, cares for the health and beauty of all men and women and therefore, we provide in the market the best range of healthcare and beauty items. From the year 1989 we have been engaged in this business and have slowly grown to become one of the most respected manufacturers and exporters of the industry. Our offered range of Natural Cosmetic Products, Herbal Products, Herbal Health Supplement, Herbal Food Supplement, Herbal Dietary Supplement, Natural Food Products, Sports Supplements and many other are made from quality tested herbs, nutritious elements and allied ingredients. 

We focus on herbal and natural products more than chemical products because herbal products are more safe, skin- friendly and have long- lasting results on health and body. 

Today, more and more people are shifting towards using herbal products for their well being and beauty treatments and thus, by supplying them an A-grade range of these products we are meeting with their demands and expectations. All our products are tested in the government testing labs and agencies and certified by them, thus, consumers can totally trust their quality.  

What We Deal In?

From cosmetics to nutritious products our company manufactures and exports a broad range in the market that is totally trusted for its quality and purity. Our range includes:

  • Beauty Products
  • Health Care Products
  • Herbal Products
  • Natural Food Products
  • Sports Supplements 

Why Shift Towards Natural and Herbal Products?

From centuries Herbal Products have been in use and even though the world has changed and grown tremendously today, Ayurveda or herbal products have not lost its essence. With change and new developments people are often drawn towards chemical brands for their health and beauty treatments but still there are a section of people who trust herbal products more than anything. Infact, even the young generation today, understand the benefits of using herbal and natural products for their skin and health as they do not have any side or after affects and have long-lasting results. 

Our Strong Workforce

Our company is backed by a team of 180 young and experienced professionals, who are the soul and strength of our organization. It was due to their consistent efforts and dedication that within a short time span we have gained success for our company and we are glad to inform that still we are growing massively. Our professionals understand our aims and objective and in order to attain those milestones they put in their 100% efforts and always surprise us with the amazing results. 

Showcase products

SHF Black Seed Oil 50 ml

AVI Vitamin B12 1000 mcg Tablet

SHF Ginseng Liquid Extract

SHF Omega-3 1000 mg x 200 softgels

Black Seed Oil Softgel 500 mg Blister

SHF Black Seed Oil 500 mg x 150 softgels

Omega 3 Syrup

AVI St. John's Wort Capsules

Jasmine Oil

SHF Green Tea

SHF Fitoform Mixed Herbal Tea with Apricot

SFT Natural Grape Seed Q10 Soap

AVI Nemocoll Plus 90 Capsules

AVI Betadon Capsules for Hemorrhoids

AVI Biotin 2500mcg Tablet

AVI Ossax Vitamin K 100 tablet

AVI Ginkgo Biloba Capsules    

AVI Ginosel Softgel Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin D3 Drops Liquid for Kids

SHF Vitamin D3 Softgel 2000 IU 500 mg

SHF Vitamin D3 Softgel 10000 IU 500 mg

SHF Vitamin D3 Softgel 5000 IU 500 mg

Vitamin D3 Drops & Spray Oral Liquid Supplement

Vitamin D3 Drops &Spray 1000 IU

Effervescent Tablet Calcium Magnesium Zinc Vitamin D3

Cal4mix Calcium Magnesium Zinc Vitamin D3 Syrup for Kids

AVI MDA Milk Thistle Liver Capsules       

Products of interest