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AVI St. John's Wort Capsules


Avicenna St. John’s Wort  Capsule
Natural Antidepressant 




2 vegetablecapsules

St. John'sWortextract

(equivalentto 3000 mg St. John'sWort)   

600 mg

St. John'sWort

280 mg

Suggested Use:

One capsule twice a day before or after meals for adults.  

2 active ingredients in St John’sWort Herb, hypericin and hyperforin  
Because of these active ingredients, it is good for symptoms of depression such as anxiety, apathy, excessive sleep, insomnia and loss of appetite.  

It can be used to help support the body against mild to moderate depression   

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Package : 60 Vegetable Capsules
Carton    : 6 Bottles

Product Code:   M00150

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