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Honey Bitter Melon Extract Paste


Honey Bitter Melon Extract Paste 

AKS Honey Bitter Melon Extract Paste


BRAND                                :Aksuvital            

Product                                : Paste with Bitter Melon Extract with Propolis 

                                            No  glucose, protective and colorant.    

 INGREDIENTS                 Raw Honey (%82,6), Sesame paste, Mulberry molasses, Bitter melon fruit (% 3,9), Melissa leaf, Licorice root,  Mastix, Basil herb, Bee pollen, Camomile, St. John's Wort herb, Propolis (%0,43), Bitter melon extract (%0,3), Marshmallow flower, Styrax resin


USAGE                                : Recommended to take 2-3 times daily by a dessert spoon preferably before meal times.

STORAGE                            : Store away heat, light and moisture. 

INFO                                     : Mix well before each use. 

Made in Türkiye 

May contain traces of celery, mustard and fish. 

Production facility has ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and Halal standards. 

WEIGHT                               : 300 g e 

Energy and nutrition facts          per 100 g   

Energy                                    339,1 kcal / 1433,3 kj 

Fat                                                  6,3 g 

Carbohydrate                                 68,1 g 

Protein                                         2,5 g



Net Weight: 300 g glass jars & 300 gr glass jar

Carton       : 12 glass jars

Product Code:   M02370

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